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Take the safest route to profit-making in Forex with a PAMM account!

PAMM Account

WesternFX PAMM program service is introduced for both – for Investors and for Fund Managers. The service is a safe model of funds investing in the forex market. Investments have proved to be one of the best ways to keep and multiply funds. So as investing in PAMM Accounts is one of the effective ways of gaining profit from investment. Forex market has got huge opportunities because your income is not limited at all. You can choose your choice of Fund Managers from available experts to increase your chances to earn money by investing in Forex trading. Thus, you will not only get a source of stable income, but also make your money work for you! It is an opportunity to make money as an investor without trading himself. It is also helps Fund managers to earn extra income by managing his client’s fund.

Understanding WesternFX PAMM program

A PAMM Manger trades investor’s fund and generate profit when an investor invest fund under him. For trading investor’s fund, PAMM manger receive success fee and a share of investor’s profit as per agreement.

An investor can choose any fund manager available depends on their Performance, strategies, profit ratio, minimum deposit and maximum drawdown. PAMM Manager trades using his own capital (Manager’s Capital) and the funds of investors. Any profits and losses generated on the PAMM Manager’s Account will be distributed between all investors ‘ accounts that are invested under PAMM Manager proportionally.

Investor can choose any PAMM Manger by comparing his Performance, strategies, profit ratio, minimum deposit and maximum drawdown from the Performance Table bellow.

Performance Table

Fund Manager
Account Age (days)
Daily Profit
Monthly Profit
Total Profit
Created with Highstock 1.3.2PeriodRange 29, 2017- 28, 2017Chart context menuKate Rating30. 3. 7. 11. 15. 19. 23. 27. 0 '16 '17 '171m3m6mYTD1yAll
  • MAM Reward (%)1
    Minimal Deposit1
    Minimal Withdrawal1
    Minimal Investment Length1
    Other Termsn/a

If you are confident in your own trading abilities and sufficient background In money management, if your statistics shows stable and profitable results, the open PAMM Manager Account with WesternFX and get number of traders and earn a lot of money.

If you do not have enough knowledge and experience or you have no free time for trading, you can make profit by investing funds in WesternFX PAMM Account service. You don’t have to waste time or get tension to earn money-professional Fund Manager are ready to help you!

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